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Using our proprietary portfolio visualisation methodology and database, refined over a decade working with numerous engineering organisations, we can work with you and your Patent Attorney to identify opportunities and threats to your intellectual property position, enabling you and your Patent Attorney to take pre-emptive action to strengthen your IP portfolio.



We work with partners in engineering business, academe, finance and government to advance knowledge in the fields of intellectual property business models, portfolio structure and risk management, with a particular focus on the green automotive sector.  Publications include:


We work with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers to present a two-day intensive CPD course 'Understanding Intellectual Property for Engineers'.



Intellectual Property for Engineering Business monitors the IP-related opportunities and threats being experienced by engineering businesses. Sign up for monthly updates.



Dr. Ian Hartwell is a Chartered Engineer, consulting European Patent Attorney and visiting Research Fellow at Cranfield University where he researches and teaches intellectual property management in engineering.  He obtained his PhD in Intellectual Property Management from the University in 2005. Ian is former IP Manager for Cambridge microengineering companies Xaar and Cambridge Display Technology and has previously served as an examiner with the European Patent Office, Munich, and as a technologist with Rolls-Royce Aero Engines, Derby. He has lectured for the EPO, WIPO, NESTA, AURIL and LES.



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